We are a fully licensed Florida Private Investigation Agency.  Outside Florida , our Agency licenses are recognized in some other states.

Private Investigator Reciprocity

Florida has entered into reciprocity agreements with several other states, clearing the way for private investigators licensed in Florida to conduct business in those states. Similarly, investigators in those states that are parties to these agreements have the right to pursue investigations in Florida.

These agreements are intended to facilitate the investigative process. For example, an investigator initiating a case in one of the reciprocity states can now follow the case across state lines into other reciprocity states until that investigation is successfully concluded without having to obtain a license in those states.

This reciprocity initiative benefits both the private investigative industry and the general public by eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic oversight and reducing operating expenses for investigative agencies.

Provisions of the Reciprocity Agreements

An investigator may conduct business outside his or her home state only under the circumstances indicated below.

  • The investigation must be initiated in the investigator’s home state.
  • The investigator may spend no more than 30 days Per Case while conducting an investigation in another state. (Note the exceptions below!)
  • The investigator is prohibited from soliciting business while in another state and from establishing a business or setting up residence while conducting an investigation in that state.

List of Reciprocity States

The following states have mutually agreed to recognize the right of private investigators to conduct interstate business:

North Carolina

* Note:

Tennessee limits the amount of time an out-of-state investigator may spend conducting an investigation to NO MORE THAN 15 DAYS per case.

Questions regarding PI reciprocity can be directed to Ed Warren, Bureau Chief, Regulation and Enforcement at (850) 245-5468.